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    Timber Fences and Gates

    Our team offers a wide selection of timber fencing and gates that will suit your needs, your budget and style.

    If you’re looking for a fence for your property, timber is a great choice. It is affordable, durable, and can add a lot of visual appeal to your home. Wooden fences come in a variety of styles. Choose from our horizontal or vertical options, as well as decorative options such as lattice on the top. We proudly supply and install timber fences around the Werribee area.

    Thinking of installing a timber gate? Accessibility, timelessness, and security go hand in hand with a good timber gate. With a classic appeal that will never go out of style, our top notch timber gates are customised to suit your needs, whether it be sliding or swinging, electric, solar-powered, or manually operated.


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    Werribee timber fencing

    Secure your property and keep your loved ones safe with a fence that is built to last.

    Want the peace of mind that comes with security? Rest easy with confidence that your property is secure, thanks to a solid boundary fence that keeps intruders out and your loved ones safe inside. Look for a Werribee fencing contractor that will bring what you envision to life.

    Our Timber Fencing and Gate Services

    Timber fencing Werribee VIC

    Timber Fences

    We construct various high-quality timber fences, from lapped and capped, slat, picket, and more.

    wooden gates Werribee

    Timber Gates

    Need a gate too? We supply and install high-quality timber gates that fit your home and your fence. Available in sliding, swinging, manual, and automatic.

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    Benefits of Choosing Timber for your Fencing and Gate

    What makes timber fencing stand out from the rest?

    If you’re looking for a sturdy, beautiful fence for your home, you may want to consider timber for your fence and gate. Customisable in height, style, colour and type of timber, timber is a versatile material. Timber is a great way to add a touch of warmth and a natural look to your property. It can be painted or stained to complement your decor.

    A good fence offers a lot of privacy to a home. If you live on a busy street or have neighbours close by, investing in a fence can give you more than just boundary identification. Depending on the style of timber fence that you choose, timber can offer sturdy, block out privacy through styles such as palings and lapped and capped fences. Slatted fences can be customised to also provide ample privacy with smaller gaps between the timber.

    If you want to protect your property from trespassers, installing security fences and gates is a great way to do it. These structures are available in a wide range of styles, heights and materials. Timber is a cost-effective alternative to metal fencing but provides just as much security. Need extra security? Consider the height of your fence as well as the style, opting for a fence like a lapped and capped or paling fence over a picket fence.

    Ease of maintenance
    With proper care, wood fences can last for several decades. A few factors can affect the lifespan of a timber fence, including the type of timber used, whether it was treated or not, the installation and how well it was looked after. Wood can also be treated with sealants to protect against moisture and even termite. Not the material with the lowest of maintenance needs, however timber only needs a little TLC every now and again and it will return any years of security, privacy and peace of mind.

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     About us

    Our team does not just install gates and fences, we deliver quality that you can trust and enjoy for a long time. We understand that safety and privacy should not be compromised, that is why we go beyond, ensuring that our clients get more than what they pay for. Topnotch fences that protect and last the test of time.

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    4 Easy Steps to Your New Fence & Gate



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    Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have invested on a beautiful and strong new fence or gate to keep your family safe, secure, and private.

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    Popular Fencing Styles in Werribee


    Lapped and capped timber fence

    Timber lap and cap fencing is one of the most popular in Werribee. A lapped and capped timber fence is a durable fence that is often used for a boundary fence, made of overlapped palings with a ‘cap’ of timber on top which gives a tidy cohesive look to your boundary. This style of fence provides privacy and strength, and is an attractive way to enhance the appearance of your home. Lapped and capped fences have a neat finish, which is why they are a popular choice in many communities, especially in the Werribee.


    A slatted timber fence is a contemporary alternative to a traditional paling fence. Slatted fences are constructed with slats, posts, and rails with gaps in between the timber, often used with stunning hardwoods such as Merbau or Jarrah. They could be an attractive addition to gardens or wide spaces. They provide a contemporary look to your outdoor space and they allow natural light to filter through. The gaps can get as big as you desire meaning privacy is customisable with this style. 


    If you’re looking for a more economic way to build a fence, a palings timber fence may be ideal. Palings are made from treated pine or hardwood and are your standard timber fence, probably the most widely seen throughout the country. They come in several sizes and can be painted or stained. Palings are usually used to create back or side boundary fences. A palings timber fence is a robust and sturdy style of fencing. It is a popular choice for privacy and security for those that are after a no frills kinds of fence that does the job well.

    Decorative Lattice

    Want a little extra privacy? Decorative lattice can be installed onto a timber fence which extends the height, increasing the security and privacy your fence provides. Mainly used for privacy screens, lattice is generally not the strongest of fencing styles because of the amounts of joins and the width of the timber, but this style can go a long way in adding decorative touch and privacy to your boundary.

    Picket Fence

    A timber picket fence can be a wonderful classic addition to your property. Not only do they add an aesthetic appeal, but they can also provide privacy to a degree, depending on the height of the fence. They can also serve as a safety measure for children and pets, keeping them inside the property. PIcket fences are generally chosen for their aesthetic value, often seen as front fences for high end properties, which allow for the eye to go past the fence, creating a sense of space and openness. Picket fences can be made in timber, aluminium, PVC and more, and the colour range you can choose from is endless.

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    Customer review for Fencing Werribee

    "excellent service from start to finish, easy and straightforward, just what I had hoped for."

    M. Luiz

    "awesome work, my aluminium fence was installed super quickly, even on a really hot day the boys just powered through. Great effort! Thank you!!"

    E. Duerte

    "I was impressed with the attention to detail this team had, it was tricky access to get to the back fence navigating trees and whatnot, I greately appreciated how careful they were to not ruin my plants!"

    R. Rider

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